Taking years of experience with ship classification, steel production and ship owning to a wider market place. Asset management including life cycle management and dry dock preparation for major steelwork tasks. Developing positive relationships with crew and ship managers to achieve demonstrable impact on safety has also been a critical part of our product portfolio.



What We've Achieved

  • Significant improvement to out of service statistics for a sophisticated fleet
  • Accurate drydock budget forecasting
  • Establishing graduate training scheme
  • Complex structural investigations
  • Supervision of major steelwork jobs
  • Developing Government work
  • Early work on FPSO Motion Sickness
  • Inclining Experiment Supervision
  • Vetting support (oil tankers and Bulk Carriers)
  • Technical oversight of bulk carrier fleet on behalf of Owners
  • Developing safer workplaces
  • Writing technical papers on Bulk Carrier Structural Integrity and Safety of Double Hull Tanker Structures among others